Saint Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church
Iglesia Católica de San Esteban Mártir

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In 1963, the Bishop of Columbus established a new parish: St. Stephen the Martyr. In 1964 the parish built a school with a chapel, intended to serve as a temporary church. The parish school closed in 1993 and the "temporary" church is still in use, recently rebuilt and beautified. The remodeled church was dedicated June 25, 2011.

In September of 2000, the parish began ministry to Spanish-speaking Catholics. 70 faithful attended the first Spanish Mass celebrated in the parish. The weekly attendance at Spanish-language Masses in the parish is now over 1,000 and growing.

The parish exists to carry on the universal mission that Christ entrusted to the Apostles. We strive to be faithful to that mission in the circumstances of our own time and place, preaching the unchanging message of the Gospel as the Church teaches it, and celebrating the rites of the Church as the Church prescribes.